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   Allison Floyd

“What distinguishes Oyster from other toys is that all the tasks are closely related to the profession.”

   Isabel Broder

“We’ve received the kit from Oyster and Amanda turned in real doctor: diagnosed and treated everyone in the family!”

   Rita Campos

“Don’t compare it to other doctor kits you may find, the kit from Oyster also includes educational card and tests to check what kid has learned.”

   Michele Yeager

“We didn’t expect drawing on water to be so much fun! My daughter loved the artist kit.”

   Catherine Williams

“Now we have our second kit from Oyster. The first was the doctor’s set 💉 ; now we are learning about archaeology 🏺. With the first one, my childhood dream came true – we got a real stethoscope 😌. Now Tim is excavating ancient treasures with the second kit.”

   Brandy Washington

Finally, we got our doctor’s kit! My kid has always dreamed of becoming a doctor, so I decided to order the doctor’s kit from Oyster. Frank was so excited – it had everything a doctor needs and it was all real!

   Carolyn O. Jarrell

“Fascinating drawing technique in Artist kit!”

   Mary Powers

“I wish we had this kind of kits in our childhood.”

   Ruth Gatling

“I like these kits – they’re so unique (you can’t buy them in any store), and they have real tools and tasks for the kids to use. Plus the quality of the materials is excellent. Believe me, your kids will be excited too!”

   Linda McMullen

“We got our first kit yesterday and Kira spent a whole day playing with it and solving tasks. Definitely recommended”

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