Ultimate STEM Professions Bundle (8-pack)





Explore 8 STEM professions. Dive into science, art and design with fun hands-on activities.
Kits from the bundle:
Kit 1. Health Professional
Explore the human anatomy, listen to the heartbeats with a stethoscope and treat the cavities.
Kit 2. Archaeologist and Paleontologist
Go on an archaeological excavation, restore the mosaic from Ancient Greece, go on a dinosaur dig and document your findings.
Kit 3. Geologist
Give your child the thrill of digging in a real gem mine as they excavate real crystal treasures.
Kit 4. Animator
Learn how your favorite cartoons are made and create and share your own animated movie.
Kit 5. Meteorologist
Learn what meteorologists do and create a rainbow and tornado at home
Kit 6. Astronomer
Make a kaleidoscope and star constellation models
Create an orrery – a model of the Solar System
Launch a rocket
Kit 7. Musician
Inspire budding musicians and fill your home with sounds of family fun. Perfect for ages 3-5.
Kit 8. Interior designer
Use fabric paints, the Itten color circle, and a colored paper tape to arrange your living space as a professional!

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