Science & Art Professions Bundle (6-pack)





Discover 6 of the coolest professions packed with hands-on learning.
Kits from this bundle:
Kit 1. Animator
Learn how your favorite cartoons are made and create and share your own animated movie.
Kit 2. Meteorologist
Learn what meteorologists do and create a rainbow and tornado at home
Kit 3. Musician
Inspire budding musicians and fill your home with sounds of family fun. Perfect for ages 3-5.
Kit 4. Archaeologist and Paleontologist
Go on an archaeological excavation, restore the mosaic from Ancient Greece, go on a dinosaur dig and document your findings.
Kit 5. Geologist
Give your child the thrill of digging in a real gem mine as they excavate real crystal treasures.
Kit 6. Health Professional
Explore the human anatomy, listen to the heartbeats with a stethoscope and treat the cavities.

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