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Learn STEAM professions

Hands-on fun STEM & art activities
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  • Conduct a screening
  • Diagnose a patient
  • Treat tooth decay, put on a cast, and more
  • Go on your own expedition
  • Build a dinosaur model
  • Discover ancient secrets
  • Create unique paintings using the ebru technique
  • Draw silhouette scenes
  • Learn about great artists
  • Become a movie director
  • Create a storyline and characters
  • Shoot your own animated movie
  • Investigate the crime scene
  • Identify the suspects
  • Solve the case
  • Develop an adventure quest
  • Design a maze
  • Create a card game
  • Open your own pop up restaurant
  • Cook delicious dishes
  • Throw a party for your family and friends
  • Generate solar energy
  • Test a water filter
  • Assemble a wind turbine
  • Make a model of the Earth
  • Carry out excavations
  • Create a million year old mineral mountain
  • Create a tornado and a rainbow
  • Make a barometer and a weather vane
  • Present a weather forcast of your home town
  • Make your own designer pillow
  • Create compositions from different objects
  • Develop a design project
  • Learn why airplanes can fly
  • Construct an aircraft and a kite
  • Make your own hot-air balloon
  • Carry out surgery
  • Diagnose a pet based on x-rays
  • Treat tooth decay
  • Learn how sounds effect on our body
  • Create your own music instruments
  • Understand how they sound
  • Make a home theater with a movable curtain
  • Create hand-controlled marionette-actors
  • Write a script for your performance