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100% Money Back Guarantee


  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

    That’s why we’ll happily give you your money back if you or your kids didn’t enjoy any of our kits.

  • Quality time

    Enjoy fun and enriching experiences with your young ones

  • STEAM education

    Engaging STEAM activities that help develop ‘future-proof’ skills

  • Creativity boost

    Lots of role-playing opportunities for every member of the family

  • Everything you need is included

    So you can focus on enjoying the fun activities

What Subscribers Are Saying

“I could not be more impressed. The quality of the materials is fantastic and the activities are engaging and so much fun. This is by far the best subscription box I’ve seen for kids. My son LOVES it. ”

@ArtistLuv- November 8, 2019

These kits are ideal for kids from ages 5-8. They make an excellent homeschooling curriculum supplement.

@emmy_goulet- December 2, 2018

“Our family really enjoyed the doctor’s kit from Oyster. We have used other subscription boxes, and they pale in comparison to quality.”

@melissaupstate- December 20, 2019

30 Days Refund Policy

If you’re not satisfied, we’re not satisfied. That’s why we’ll happily give you your money back if you or your kids didn’t enjoy any of our kits.


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