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Oyster: STEAM & STEM activity kits introduce kids ages 3-12 to different professions

Hands-on kits that introduce your kids
to careers



  • Conduct a screening
  • Diagnose a patient
  • Treat tooth decay, put on a cast, and more
  • Go on your own expedition
  • Build a dinosaur model
  • Discover ancient secrets
  • Create unique paintings using the ebru technique
  • Draw silhouette scenes
  • Learn about great artists
  • Become a movie director
  • Create a storyline and characters
  • Shoot your own animated movie
  • Investigate the crime scene
  • Identify the suspects
  • Solve the case
  • Develop an adventure quest
  • Design a maze
  • Create a card game
  • Open your own pop up restaurant
  • Cook delicious dishes
  • Throw a party for your family and friends
  • Generate solar energy
  • Test a water filter
  • Assemble a wind turbine
  • Make a model of the Earth
  • Carry out excavations
  • Create a million year old mineral mountain
  • Create a tornado and a rainbow
  • Make a barometer and a weather vane
  • Present a weather forcast of your home town
  • Make your own designer pillow
  • Create compositions from different objects
  • Develop a design project
  • Learn why airplanes can fly
  • Construct an aircraft and a kite
  • Make your own hot-air balloon
  • Carry out surgery
  • Diagnose a pet based on x-rays
  • Treat tooth decay
  • Learn how sounds effect on our body
  • Create your own music instruments
  • Understand how they sound
  • Make a mood board
  • Draw sketches
  • Sew a dinosaur outfit
  • Make a dinosaur hair-style
  • Create a unique bag with a funny monster
  • Make a home theater with a movable curtain
  • Create hand-controlled marionette-actors
  • Write a script for your performance
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1.Career exploration

Each month, get a new profession for your kids to explore and find their passions

2.Real-world knowledge

Fun role-playing STEM activities engage kids in the ins and outs of a profession

3.Bonding time with your child

See their eyes sparkle with new knowledge as you play with Oyster kit as a family

4.Multiple-use activities

Every kit has high-quality materials and real-life tools. Kids can play with them over and over

How it works


Choose your plan

Each kit has 4+ projects perfect for 5-8 year-olds.


Delivered Monthly

The first kit ships in 3 days. Cancel or pause anytime.


Open up new professions

Hands-on and open-ended activities will keep them occupied for 3-4 hours.

Save up to $55 on bundles!

Get 4,6 or 8 science, art, or design professions to explore all summer long.

Save up to $55 on bundles!


Other Subscription Kits
Experiments per kitExperiments per 1 kit
to complete
Time to complete
2+ hrs2+ hours
20-40 minutes
Reusable itemsIncludes reusable items
Сostumes, activities
of topics
Breadth of topics
New profession
New profession each month
Engineering focus
STEM learningSTEM learning
role-play STEM and real-life skills
1 science field
Parental timeParental time commitment

why people love oyster

“We love her oyster kits! This one has been amazing! Will post pics of everyone cooking up a storm next Saturday ❤️ really proud of how hard she’s worked on all this! And tons of fun! Oysterkit y’all always do such an amazing job, but this kit was extra amazing! Thank you for these memories with my babies 🙏🏼 ”
“My impulse Instagram purchase of a kids @oysterkit was 👌🏼. This one is the doctor’s kit and they love it! Plus it’s adorable to watch (when they aren’t giving each other pretend shots and screaming).”
“Oyster, Stimulating kid’s creativity!!!
Oyster boxes are hours of fun, cooperation and imagination which improves their creativity and promotes better performance in school and it also helps them develop a strong problem-solving approach in dealing with issues.”
“A little bit of STEAM building creative hands-on learning using @oysterkit this week. I know this season comes with a lot of change, especially with learning time, reasons to not stress as much about how much learning they doing, but rather take time to make learning an adventure and role playing
“My oldest misses school the most. I’ve been trying to create activities at home similar to what she was doing at school, but it’s not easy with a 1 year old and 3 year old to entertain as well. 🤪 So when @oysterkit sent us one of their kits to try and I told Elle that it was only for ages 5+ years, she was SO EXCITED!! Her eyes honestly lit up and she could not wait to do a learning activity with just me and her. 💕”



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1 STEM profession a month
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is at the core of all our content

Each kit provides hands-on STEM experiments around one profession. Kids engage in real-world situations which help them connect what they learn with the world around them.

Learn more

It’s fun to develop STEM skills with Oyster:

  • role-playing projects
  • theories explained
  • online quizzes
  • additional DIY projects

Explore different career clusters:

  • a new profession every month
  • 60+ real-world STEM projects/year
  • taste of how to be a doctor or a meteorologist

Helping young makers and innovators to:

  • feel important by solving real-world problems
  • be curious and creative
  • learn quickly

It’s fun to develop STEM skills with Oyster:

  • role-playing projects
  • theories explained
  • online quizzes
  • additional DIY projects

Explore different career clusters:

  • a new profession every month
  • 60+ real-world STEM projects/year
  • taste of how to be a doctor or a meteorologist

Helping young makers and innovators to:

  • feel important by solving real-world problems
  • be curious and creative
  • learn quickly


About oyster
How do we create our kits?

We are an international team of product designers, STEM methodologists and teachers.

We believe that education can be more practical, creative and much more fun! That’s why we started Oyster – innovative kits for children 5 – 9 that help them discover the world of STEM-driven professions through fun!

We are always happy to help in case you have questions. You can find answers to your questions in topics below:
General FAQs
What is Oyster?
We create boxes related to STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) professions for kids 5 – 9 years old. We help parents spend quality time with their children and develop their child’s social, emotional, and cognitive skills and as well as their creativity through play.
What’s the best age for the kits?
All the kits are intended for kids 5 – 9 years old. Kids closer to 9 years old will be able to complete all the tasks by themselves, while younger kids will need some assistance from adults.
For 3-5 years old kids we have line Professions 3+ and for the older ones (8-12 years old) make sure to check our line Craft&Code 8+
How does the subscription work?
The date you sign up is the date that your subscription will renew. Your kits will continue to ship every month for the duration of your subscription.
What if I don’t like the kits?
We’ll happily give you your money back if you or your kids didn’t enjoy any of our kits.
Just drop us a message here or on Facebook within 30 days of the delivery of the kit you didn’t like.
What is your cancellation policy?
You can pause or cancel your subscription at any time from your account.
Do you have special discounts for siblings?
Yes, we have discounts if you need a subscription for several kids. Use this checkout form to find our sibling discount.
Can I purchase the kits as a gift?
Yes, definitely! We have gift options available. You can specify the address of the recipient or leave it blank and the recipient will have the opportunity to enter it when they first log in.
Subscriptions are non-recurring when purchased as a gift. This means that we won’t charge your card when the subscription period ends.
What is the difference between a subscription and a gift?
Subscription means a recurrent order that renews automatically when the paid period is up.
We offer the option to purchase a non-recurring subscription as a gift. This means that you can easily send the kits to someone without worrying that your card will be charged when the paid period has expired.
Can I purchase a single kit without subscribing?
All the kits are available by subscription only. The idea behind the subscription is the continuous discovery of professions, role-play, and cognitive development.
If you’re worried that your kid won’t like the kits or you only need one kit, you can subscribe and then cancel after your first month.
What are the billing options? Can I pay monthly?
At the moment we offer 4 billing options: monthly, every 3 months, every 6 months, and once a year. You can choose your preferred method during checkout.
What if I decide to buy again after I canceled my subscription – would I be getting the same kits again?
If you would like to continue with the order of kits after a “pause”, simply send us an email or send us a message on Facebook stating which kits you’ve already received and we’ll handle your request.
What if I decide to cancel before the end of the prepaid period – will I get my money back?
Of course! We’ll return your money for the remaining months. Please, contact us with a refund request via email or Facebook. Otherwise, your subscription will continue until the end of the pay period.
Orders & Shipping
Where do you deliver?
Subscription kits can be shipped anywhere in the United States, including Hawaii, Alaska, and territories.
Help! I didn’t get an email confirmation.
If you placed an order and did not receive an order confirmation, it may have ended up in your spam folder. If you did not receive a confirmation, please contact us at
I placed an order recently – when does it ship?
All orders ship from our warehouse within 3 business days, Monday – Friday+ up to 10 business days for delivery. Usually, it takes a week or so to deliver. Orders are subject to delays during peak shipping times & holidays.
Still haven’t received your package?
Looking for your package? Sometimes USPS prematurely marks packages as “delivered” before they have completed transit. Usually, packages appear within 1-2 days later. If it still has not arrived, please check that your package was not accidentally delivered to a neighbor, placed at the back door, or with a doorman.
If you still have not received your package within 3 days, please email us at for assistance.
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